Lincolnshire Today: Explore the Existing Conditions Report

In order to create a sound foundation for the Lincolnshire Comprehensive Plan, the first step in the effort was an in-depth assessment of existing conditions and outreach to the community. The data collection work has been completed and presented to the Aspire Lincolnshire Steering Committee. That Existing Conditions Report is now available for review! Browse it today to learn about the plan process to date, as well as data and trends about the Village, including: 

  • Demographics & Diversity 
  • Environmental Sustainability & Resilience 
  • Land Use & Zoning 
  • Transportation 
  • Market Trends 
  • Schools and Public Facilities 
  • Community Culture & Programs 

Feel free to share your insights and takeaways by clicking here or adding to the comment map. The more we hear from the community, the more the plan reflects the goals of Lincolnshire. Make sure you mark your calendar to come visit with the team at our next Pop-Up Event at the Summer in the Shire Concert Series on June 15th at 7 p.m. at Village Green.  

Aspire Lincolnshire Steering Committee meets to review the Existing Conditions Report.

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