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Future community visioning is underway! What aspirations do you have for the Village of Lincolnshire? Where do you see needs, opportunity and potential? Explore this website and share insights today!

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Learn about Village demographics, market data, and early engagement findings via the recently published Existing Conditions Report.

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Project Overview

Aspire Lincolnshire is an update to Lincolnshire’s Comprehensive Plan – a collection of programs, policies and ideas for the Village’s future. The current Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2012 and enough has changed that it is time for a refresher. The plan will include technical background, market studies, a review of what’s built, consideration of environmental opportunities and more. The plan will also include recommendations, which will rely on your input and hopes for Lincolnshire’s future.

Essential to the success of the Village’s new plan is hearing the visions, insights, challenges and aspirations of our local community members. That’s you! So, get involved today — scroll down to start sharing using the tools below, such as Aspire Lincolnshire’s e-newsletter, contact page and comment map. Community workshops, interactive open houses, and more are ahead! We look forward to connecting and collaborating with you as Aspire Lincolnshire takes shape.

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Aspire Lincolnshire is a project of the Village of Lincolnshire and its Comprehensive Plan.

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